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Paul Bond



I am currently finishing of my solo album which has been a real labour of love. It is without doubt the most ambitious album that I've ever done and I am truly proud of the way that it's taking shape. I've pushed myself well and truly out of my comfort zone on this one and that's when the best stuff happens!

Along side my own music, I am also working extensively with Jeff Wayne on various projects. We recently finished a massive project for Audible "Jeff Wayne's The War of The Worlds: The Musical Drama" which saw us working with Hollywood A listers Michael Sheen and Taron Egerton

A Potted History

I started playing guitar at the age of ten when I was bought a guitar for my birthday. Although it was essentially unplayable (I didn't know at the time), I loved that guitar and took to it like a duck to water. Within a few weeks, I was helping the guitar teacher to tune some of the guitars in the communal guitar club at school

A lot of water has passed under the bridge since those early days and I have been one of the fortunate ones that has been able to forge a carreer out of the music business.
I have toured the World both as a musician and sometimes as a guitar tech - my first job having been with Emerson, Lake and Powell (Cozy Powell was in ELP for a short while).

Professionaly, I have played in various bands - Lodestone Kick in the 90's - Red Box in the 2000's and Jeff Wayne (The War of The Worlds in the 2020's). Equally at home in the studio or live, I continue to get a buzz out of what I am lucky enough to do.

As well as band situations, I am also blessed to do a significant amount of guitar session work which I enjoy immensely as it gives me the opportunity to push myself as a musician into territories that I might not ordinarily explore.


Lodestone Kick - Adrenochrome

Lodestone Kick - AdrenochromeJuly, 1995

Lodestone Kick were 'doing Grunge' before Grunge became a 'thing'!
The band were heavily influenced by the classic bands such as Led Zep, The Who, Bowie etc and just came to the same musical fork as the bands in Seattle did.

The band had a great following in London, playing the Marquee Club regularly and played some great shows in Germany where their lable was based, including the massive Reinkulture Festival in Bonn.

Red Box - Plenty

Red Box - PlentyOctober 11, 2010

Red Box had a couple of major hits in the '80's with 'Lean on Me' & 'For America'.
The band made a welcome return with this album in 2010 with this critically acclaimed album. Mojo magazines describing it as "quite possibly the album of the year".
Things went wild in Poland where the band have a huge following, resulting in two number one's on the Trojka chart, several top 10's and multiple live shows and festivals, including the National Stadium in Warsaw.


War of the Worlds - LIVE April 7, 2013

I can finally announce that I shall be playing guitar and keyboards for Jeff on his 2021 Arena Tour...


Solo Album ContinuesJan 10, 2020

The solo album is coming along well. I am so very proud of it...



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