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Paul Bond

The War of The Worlds - Live
  • When? : Spring 2021
  • What? : Guitar & Keyboards

This is going to be FUN! Feb  26, 2020

I can finally announce that I shall be playing guitar and keyboards for Jeff on his 2021 Arena Tour

For over four decades now I’ve lived out a dream of bringing the true story of HG Wells dark Victorian tale to listeners and audiences from around the world, while pushing technology to the limit both sonically and visually as time has moved on. Jeff Wayne

These live shows will be a sonic and visual delight!
It's not often that you get the chance to do tours at this kind of level and I look forward to it immensley.
Jeff's Album is an absolute classic and is still enjoyed by young and old alike.
It is testament to Jeff's great work that it is still in demand over 40 years since it was released.